Employees move to cloud with or without businesses

Employees move to cloud with or without businesses

May 24

Many professionals are turning to the cloud in order to quickly solve any business IT issues they are having. Using Dropbox for sharing, Gmail for large email attachments and instant messaging, or Carbonite for online backup, these professionals are taking advantage of evolving technology faster than some employers can keep up. However, according to Network Computing, this is not necessarily a good thing, as it moves data outside the office walls and potentially out of the company’s control, especially when it comes to data backup.

A business could limit its employees’ options in this regard. However, this could cause more problems than it solves, so it is important for a business to provide an in-house communication and computer backup software solution. By doing so, a company moves the data back into its own hands, rather than having potentially hundreds of gigs of data strewn across the backend of an unapproved service provider – lacking accountability, backup or even access, according to the news source.

By adopting a server backup solution within the company, a business can better manage its own data and ensure that loose ends are not floating around in the cloud where they can be lost, or worse, potentially exploited by unaffiliated parties.

With constant advances to consumer IT in the form of the cloud, mobility, and other options, a company needs to make sure it is providing the IT solutions that its employees need or risk them finding services somewhere else. Additionally, if professionals are already using these solutions, a business needs to develop the right plan for moving them over to the in-house plan and securing any data already “leaked.”