Eliminating appliances can improve data backup

Eliminating appliances can improve data backup

July 2

As more businesses adopt cloud-based backup and recovery software, the need for related appliances dwindles. Disaster recovery solutions like tape utilize antiquated and costly backup appliances that can ultimately create more problems than they are worth.

According to Storage Switzerland, backup alliances can create a choke point for data, funneling the process through a single device. This requires scheduling and constant maintenance of that device, and if that single machine fails, all backups are halted. The cloud, however, provides a reliable option that does not restrict a business in these ways, allowing system backup software to run on various machines simultaneously and making the backup process more reliable and stable.

Another negative to appliance-based backup solutions is the reliance on one machine’s computing power. According to the news source, the evolution of technology means it is no longer necessary for a server to get all the CPU power it can get to run business operations. This allows servers to easily run backup solutions in the background without severely affecting workflow.

Finally, businesses can benefit from the cloud’s support of mobile computing options as well. Smartphone and tablet use in companies is quickly growing, and the need to back up these devices, or access backups from them, is increasing. Only the cloud provides quick and easy access from mobile devices while still offering security for sensitive data. Appliance-based backups cannot generally provide for mobile support in convenient or easy ways.

For any business, the use of online backup solutions over appliance-based ones can be easy to quantify, with more cost-effective service and improved support of modern technology. The need for high-quality backup and recovery tools increases as quickly as business data does, and the cloud offers the best support and payment options for small and large businesses alike.