Electronic health records need protection as well

Electronic health records need protection as well

August 29

A small medical center in Illinois recently learned the reasons why it should invest in data backup software. According to ABC News, the healthcare facility’s computer network was recently hacked, but rather than stealing patient records and selling them, the perpetrators encrypted files and ransomed them back to the hospital, demanding payment for the password to the files.

While this may seem like a case of cybersecurity for many, it also raises an important point – with data backups the medical center wouldn’t have to worry about those files being lost. While some may think that simply not utilizing electronic health records could solve this issue, this raises other concerns. EHRs provide clear advantages in the health field, from increasing the number of patients a physician can see in one day to enhancing overall care provided. Abandoning an EHR opportunity might keep information secure, but it keeps the center from improving the quality of care, and could lead a care provider to fall behind other practices as well.

A hospital should instead invest in increased data security and backup and recovery software. Security will help better protect patient records, while a recovery solution will ensure that, should data be lost, it can be restored with ease. No business should have to fear a hacker attack, whether data is copied and sold or encrypted and held hostage.

System backup software will ensure that health records are protected from other crises as well, from power loss to natural disasters. By implementing such a solution, a medical center is taking responsibility for its digital fingerprint and ensuring continuous care is available no matter what situations occur.