Effectiveness of data backup solutions more important than location

Effectiveness of data backup solutions more important than location

August 31

Cloud computing has been surrounded with questions about its reliability as long as it has been around. When charged with backing up vital data for organizations in case of a disaster, the cloud is thrust into the spotlight.

However, for the General Services Administration, the issue is not where the data itself is located, but how effective the data backup solutions in place are.

“We need connectivity regardless of whether it’s to our own data center or whether it’s to a cloud,” Casey Coleman, General Services Administration CIO, told Federal News Radio. “The question is not [about the cloud, it’s] how we maintain access to critical services regardless of where they’re being served from.”

GSA services went down with the cloud following a late June thunderstorm, though connectivity was quickly restored. Although the incident blemished the cloud’s resume, Coleman was not deterred. In fact, with less standard maintenance required, even the one event was not enough to dissuade the use of cloud backup for uptime reasons.

Whether with cloud-based online backup or other services, 100 percent connectivity is attainable. When it comes to planning for disaster recovery, the goal should be nothing less.