DRaaS reduces disaster-related stress

DRaaS reduces disaster-related stress

December 14

Disasters, whether natural or man-made, are often unavoidable. However, it can be worse when a business knows one is about to happen, like in the case of Hurricane Sandy, and is powerless to prevent it. And while measures can be taken to reduce the chance of hardware failure and other crises, unexpected issues can still occur. However, according to Sys-Con Media, with the right tools a business will have little to no reason to worry about these disasters.

According to the news source, regardless of whether a business has days of warning in advance of a crisis or literally no chance to prepare, if it already has disaster recovery software in place, the only shock that should come is when the lights turn off. And while a company can’t necessarily implement data backup solutions in time for an unexpected event, some disaster preparedness solutions, such as online backup services, can be implemented with days to spare.

Disaster Recovery-as-a-Service
DRaaS, or cloud-based disaster recovery, provides a business with fast-acting tools that are based off-site and often in an entirely different geographic region than the business itself. This provides the company a safe place to store data backups that can be implemented swiftly due to the cloud flexible nature. According to Sys-Con, a business can begin migrating to the cloud with data backup software almost immediately, which can be a lifesaver for businesses that see a crisis coming.

Additionally, the cloud offers a variety of benefits that a company cannot get with any other disaster recovery solution, specifically uptime. With the cloud, a company can access its data backups without office availability, allowing remote working to continue despite a power outage or other localized issues. This means that workflow doesn’t have to be interrupted at all, as employees will still have access to the internet from home or other remote locations.

Reliability and growth
In addition to the reliable and flexible access benefits of the cloud, online backup services also provide critical room for growth later on due to low costs and reduced infrastructure. This allows businesses to expand related initiatives, such as mobile working and other trends, which can improve overall business processes, not just disaster-related ones. Overall, the cloud is a powerhouse for disaster preparedness that offers numerous advantages in a variety of ways.