Why DRaaS Makes Perfect Business Sense

Why DRaaS Makes Perfect Business Sense

February 17

The benefits of having a back-up and disaster recovery plan might seem obvious. You are mitigating risk, minimizing downtime and remaining compliant. Too often, management will forget or not allocate enough resources to backup and disaster recovery. This makes it a great opportunity for the channel. Analysts predict the DRaaS business will grow ten-fold over the next three years.

Furthermore, the margin in selling DR and the recurring revenue from as a service sales (DRaaS) make it an attractive proposition. MarketsandMarkets have forecasted that DRaaS will grow from $1.68bn in 2016 to $11.11bn by 2021. It would have an estimated CAGR of 45.9%. MSPs can offload the burden of data protection and data security and ensure business continuity. Simply licensed, easily managed and rapidly delivered!

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MSP backup and recovery solutions solve two critical problems for companies. That their data is not protected and that they can’t afford to spend the money to ensure that it is.

A DRaaS business doesn’t mean just selling backup. It would be a full disaster recovery solution that can keep data safe, accessible and recoverable at a moment’s notice. Estimating the cost of downtime for a client is key to demonstrating why a complete disaster recovery service is well worth the price.

StorageCraft: Your perfect partner for disaster recovery

The StorageCraft® Recovery Solution™, known for its outstanding reliability, gives you tools to back up systems, applications, and data, replicate them locally or in the cloud. You can also restore everything from a single file to complete systems throughout a network. Physical or virtual, Linux or Windows, it delivers fast, reliable and complete system and data recovery.

In early November, StorageCraft launched a new solution called “StorageCraft File Backup and Recovery with Backup Analyzer”.

This solution plays in the field of file and folder backup and has unique data analytic capabilities. It can separate data into what to protect and what to exclude. To this effect, StorageCraft is a pioneer in the notion that “Not all Data is Equal”. It’s made an objective of offering the appropriate solutions to protect mission critical data and ensure this can be restored very quickly.

In December, StorageCraft launched a backup and recovery solution for hosted applications (Office 365, Salesforce, Google Apps, and Box) called Cloud Backup. This is a monthly subscription solution that is available to all partners through the StorageCraft single sign-on portal.

Looking to Start a DRaaS Business?

StorageCraft delivers backup and recovery solutions that enable any customer to recover from any disaster, anytime and anyplace. If you want to become a StorageCraft partner and gain the benefits from providing disaster recovery solutions and DRaaS, just contact us!

Parts of this article have been published in the November 2016 issue of The Future Business Magazine, published by Exertis technology distributor.