Does danger lurk in backed up data?

Does danger lurk in backed up data?

April 19

As important as it is for organizations to back up their data and have disaster recovery plans in place to restore it following an IT incident, a recent Dark Reading report highlighted something that not all companies may be thinking about.

When recovering and restoring information, the news provider noted, an organization must be careful to avoid reinfecting itself with malware or viruses that may have been inadvertently backed up along with enterprise data. That, cybersecurity expert Oliver Friedrichs of Sourcefire said, is a growing problem.

“We’ve historically talked about backing up malware as a hypothetical. … We assume it’s been happening, but there hasn’t been a clear way to see how frequently it’s been taking place,” Friedrichs told Dark Reading.

To avoid these issues, the report noted, companies need to be sure that malware and other threats don’t slip past antivirus software and other data security measures. They also must be careful about the information they back up.

Experts agree, however, that the latter can be achieved easily if the organization takes the right approach to backup and recovery processes. Auditing the program often will not only ensure its viability but also allow a company to identify any problems that may occur during a real-life scenario.