Do-it-yourself isn’t for disaster recovery

Do-it-yourself isn’t for disaster recovery

July 17

When it comes to implementing business continuity, many companies examine cost, reliability, and security as major influences on their choice of solution. This can lead some to develop their own systems. However, according to the VAR Guy, DIY is never a good idea when it comes to disaster recovery.

Disaster recovery has to be fast, reliable, and secure. And while developing an in-house solution for backup and recovery software may seem like a good idea, most IT professionals don’t have the right skills to create a customized solution. As such, it is important for a business to invest in a high-quality system.

According to the news source, by developing a DIY business continuity system, a business is really increasing its risk during a disaster, and potentially causing its system to end up costing more and taking longer during recovery, as it may break down, forcing the company to spend more to recover data and systems.

One way to ensure systems meet operational needs and are reliable, secure, and cost-effective is to opt for cloud-based data backup software. According to the news source, the cloud gives businesses the most cost-effective solution while still being high-quality.

A reliable cloud system will reduce time for recovery, increase security, and mitigate the risks that a DIY solution does not, without significantly driving up cost. It will also provide improved access to backups and storage by allowing employees to access systems regardless of their location, enabling a business to operate even if its main office is damaged. As the news source says, “DIY may be just fine for a bathroom remodel,” but not for businesses disaster recovery.