Disaster recovery planning provides numerous benefits

Disaster recovery planning provides numerous benefits

July 11

Having a tested and reliable disaster recovery plan helps a business not only return to operations following a crisis, but also detect and potentially prevent an emergency and correct any processes that could lead to the same situation occurring again.

According to Business 2 Community, developing a plan for business continuity following a disaster requires reliable, tested, and efficient practices and policies to be put in place before the crisis occurs. Additionally, employees need to be well trained in these procedures, in order to ensure key functions remain in operation should disaster strike, be it natural or man-made.

Business 2 Community asserted that no matter what solution a business chooses, whether it’s online backup systems, virtualization, or any other service, there are six key steps to take to ensure efficient and proper preparedness and recovery: analysis of business needs, design, implementation of the proper system, thorough testing, acceptance of the solution, and regular maintenance to ensure that it is fully operational.

By following these steps and following through on the full plan every time disaster looms, a business can not only recovery as quickly and productively as possible, but help to prevent any crises that could be avoided in the future as well.