Disaster recovery needs to be managed

Disaster recovery needs to be managed

November 7

Simply investing in data backup software or other tools for disaster recovery isn’t enough – a business needs to carefully manage its solutions in order to ensure complete protection and recovery should a crisis occur. This requires more than monitoring backup schedules and staying on top of recovery, according to CNBC. Businesses also have to stay on top of communications, ensure insurance coverage, and more.

However, the backup and recovery of data is the best thing a business can do to ensure its survival should a natural or man-made disaster occur. For many, this means investing in system backup software, ensuring that its backups are stored properly, and monitoring progress so that should a disaster occur, as little data as possible is lost. However, some companies require a little more.

For those businesses that need an extra push for ensured data protection, online backup or a hybrid cloud/disk solution may be the key. With improved recovery time and accessibility, a hybrid solution solves various issues a company might have, and helps improve the state of disaster preparedness overall.