Disaster recovery needs more frequent testing

Disaster recovery needs more frequent testing

September 26

According to a survey by Corus360, fewer than half of businesses test their data backup software quarterly, and even that isn’t often enough.

Thorough testing of disaster recovery software and strategies is essential for any business’ ability to recover from an IT emergency, be it a hurricane or power supply failure. According to Digital Journal, disasters require quick and efficient response, and without a tested strategy, no business will be sure that it can survive when systems go down.

While many businesses rely on technology for their disaster recovery, the Corus360 survey found that 86 percent of respondents still utilize tape, and only 30 percent utilize off-site storage for protecting their backups. Additionally, very few respondents currently take advantage of online backup services in the cloud.

With advances in backup and recovery software and related technology, it is important for a business to take advantage of the best services for its operations. This may mean replacing antiquated tape solutions with disk or the cloud, or simply improving the protection of cloud storage. No matter what solution a company invests in for its backup needs, testing is a necessary part of the operation.