Disaster recovery need not be painful for SMBs

Disaster recovery need not be painful for SMBs

May 16

Many disaster recovery solutions are designed for large corporations, while small and medium-sized businesses are left to scrape together their own plans using various tools. However, according to MSPmentor, there are non-do-it-yourself solutions for SMBs that don’t leave IT administrators with a mess to take care of between tape and cloud migration.

The cloud offers a variety of options for businesses looking into affordable data recovery. However, not all businesses can afford extensive cloud recovery solutions, or do not have the IT staff to successfully deploy and run one.

According to the news source, Microsoft recently released a report suggesting that local service providers can fill this gap for smaller businesses. The 2012 Microsoft/Edge Strategies SMB Cloud Adoption Study shows that at least half of small businesses are leaning toward improving their cloud computing solutions and are moving more of their systems to the cloud.

Local providers can capitalize on SMB backup and recovery software needs as well, integrating online backup and other services with the solutions they already provide. According to the Microsoft study, 56 percent of businesses prefer getting all of their IT solutions from a single source, giving these providers a leg up and extra opportunity in recovery services as well.