Disaster recovery is vital to saving businesses from themselves

Disaster recovery is vital to saving businesses from themselves

October 24

Whether or not a disaster has occurred before, a business’s chances of being hit by data loss are high. Power outages, hacker attacks, faulty hardware, or a natural disaster could strike anytime, and it is the responsibility of the company to be ready for anything. This means embracing disaster recovery, even if it seems like an extraneous expense.

According to Small Business Computing, many businesses have a “disaster won’t happen to me” mentality that has to be overcome. Rather than saving itself from some “potential crisis,” a company should consider investing in data backup software as a way to save itself from itself.

Consider the basics
If disaster strikes, what will happen? Panic, chaos, and damage are the prime culprits for data loss, and all three are likely to occur if a natural or man-made disaster strikes. This means the business has to be prepared for these situations. Even with the right backup and recovery software in place, a business may not be able to avoid panic, chaos, and damage, but it can mitigate the loss that they often bring about. Data, its protection, and the swift recovery of it are needed to allow a business’ survival in any situation, so investing in tools that ensure this no matter what is simply a smart purchase.

Embrace the benefits of multi-storage
Having data stored in more than one place is the key to effective and reliable recovery. This doesn’t just mean having primary storage and a backup, but multiple backups as well. According to the news source, the most effective way to do this is to have one backup on-site and another off-site. On-site backups allow for faster recovery, while having a second, off-site storage spot, either physically or in the cloud, ensures data is safe from loss no matter what.

Remember that every little bit counts
Even the smallest crisis can cripple a business that is unprepared, and simply trusting in current solutions can be the death of a company. Every business needs a plan that it knows is reliable and eliminates worry. For some this means simply testing their current solution, but for those that don’t have a recovery solution in place, or haven’t updated it in years, it may be time for a new one. Don’t risk everything, when proper protection is easy to achieve.