Disaster Recovery Benefits from Cool Response Vehicles

Disaster Recovery Benefits from Cool Response Vehicles

November 8

While disaster recovery is very important to business continuity that doesn’t mean there can’t be a little style added to the equation. Cool disaster response vehicles aren’t only the stuff of Hollywood. Practical, functional, and cool 4-wheel drive rescue vehicles are currently in use all over the world, serving humanity where a simple Hummer isn’t quite up to the task.

Let’s take a look some cool disaster response vehicles currently in operation. Disaster recovery never looked so sharp!

Romanian 4-Wheeler — The Rescue — Earns Emergency Response Accolades

A 4-wheel drive superhero vehicle from Romania known as The Rescue is earning many accolades for its capabilities in harsh terrain. Manufactured by Ghe-O Motors, The Rescue can be outfitted for fire fighting, medical response duty, or as a transport vehicle. Imagine one of these rolling down the street, with sirens blazing, off on a quest to fight a local brush fire.

Ghe-O recently debuted The Rescue at the Bucharest Auto Show and is currently taking orders for the vehicle from a variety of military, emergency response, and other commercial sources. The Rescue is slightly larger than a full-sized Hummer, and features either a 500 or 300 horsepower engine, depending on its configuration. As Wired Magazine exaggerates, the vehicle sports “more ground clearance than an elephant on stilts.”

This superhero vehicle also holds up to 200 gallons of water, as well as an array of pumps and hoses for use in its fire fighting configuration. An innovative pneumatic pillow system for shock absorption and the ability the swap out the rear wheels for some tank-style track action finish off this intensely cool emergency response behemoth.

Building a Disaster Response Command Center on top of a Peterbuilt

Peterbuilt is a famous name in the world of big rig 18-wheeler trucking. But a Peterbuilt chassis also works well for disaster response scenarios. Recently, the Port of Seattle commissioned the emergency response vehicle company, LDV, to create a superior mobile command center built on top of a Peterbuilt. This vehicle sports everything a disaster response management team would need in the field.

This Peterbuilt features a slide-out conference room with a table for six and an array of HD monitors allowing the video tracking of the response effort. An included galley, equipped with a microwave and a refrigerator, ensures disaster personnel are well-fed while on assignment. The 300 horsepower engine provides enough power to get to a disaster site, while an extra generator powers all the extra equipment.

Ford Econoline Vans aren’t just for Touring Bands

Dodgen Mobile Technologies offers a fully-equipped disaster response vehicle created from a variety of Ford Econoline Van chassis depending on the scenario. The Red Cross currently use a vehicle produced by Dodgen, who also markets to a variety of public and private service providers. Dodgen offers a host of options, including HD monitors, satellite communications, and more. In short, pretty much everything a disaster response vehicle might need without quite the cool factor of The Rescue.

Effectively managing and responding to disaster scenarios requires a vehicle the provides all the functionality needed in that situation with the horsepower to react quickly and safely. Also, some of the over the top superhero style provided by The Rescue helps as well!

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