Disaster recovery advice from Ben Franklin

Disaster recovery advice from Ben Franklin

September 5

While not all advice in the business continuity industry is sound, some of the best comes from 260 years ago, according to Property Casualty 360. “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure,” Ben Franklin once said. This is still true today in many situations, but especially when it comes to running a business and preparing for potential disasters.

Disaster recovery is split into three pieces for any business: before the event, downtime during, and the return to operations afterward. Most business continuity plans focus on the latter two pieces, but it is equally important for a business to ensure that the first is taken care of as well.

With data backup software, a business will be able to ensure that its systems and information are well protected, so that if a disaster does occur, the company is able to minimize downtime and return to work swiftly. It is this focus on preparation that allows the company to ensure survival, whether hit with a major storm or simply having a server crash.

No company wants to be without a strategy for disaster recovery, but without reliable backup and recovery software, a company may be setting it self up for trouble.