Disaster preparation requires ‘three-legged’ foundation

Disaster preparation requires ‘three-legged’ foundation

August 22

Ensuring that corporate data is protected no matter the situation can require a multi-layered approach. Organizations cannot rely on just one method, according Seacoastonline columnist MJ Shoer, but instead should sit their strategies on a “three-legged stool” consisting of data backup, disaster recovery, and business continuity.

As Shoer noted, most companies tend to put the majority of their focus on the backup portion of the plan, neglecting the other two. However, even the most expensive backup system does little without proper planning for the other two elements. By setting up a plan for recovering from disaster, organizations can make sure there is another copy of their data, and also that they get it back. With business continuity, they can take this process a step forward and get operations up and running no matter type of disaster strikes.

One new technology that Shoer puts forward as making a big difference for all the aspects of disaster preparedness is cloud computing. Although not the be all and end all of backup and recovery solutions, it can allow for near real-time backup and help companies get up and running even if they cannot access the physical office.

Despite the potential benefits, TechTarget notes that not all customers see business continuity and the cloud merging together with ease. First, providers must prove that in the event of a disaster, they themselves will be able to stay up and running first.