Disaster plans can benefit every business

Disaster plans can benefit every business

December 19

Disaster recovery should be on the minds of all business leaders looking to protect their most important data from disruptions. There are many instances that can derail a company from operating effectively, including natural disasters. Hurricane Sandy is just the latest storm to ravage firms throughout the United States. Although companies can’t always predict when something like this will occur, they can at least respond so they are back up and running in a timely fashion.

Lauren Reid, CEO of biohazard cleanup firm PuroClean, recently told Business Insider that the biggest mistake companies make is that they simply lack a recovery plan to begin with.

“Like anybody else they always assume that it won’t happen to [them]. So they underestimate the importance of it, and sometimes it gets cut when times get tough, or they don’t keep it updated,” Reid told Business Insider.

A recent Credit Times Union report also highlighted the growing importance of effective disaster recovery protocol in the wake of Sandy. The news source suggested that businesses should have solutions that allow employees to work from home should the company experience a disruption. Given the fact that more than 7.5 million businesses and households in 15 states and the nation’s capital were without power during Sandy, according to Con Edison Senior Vice President John Miksad, organizations cannot afford to experience significant downtime.

In addition to power outages, Sandy is estimated to have had an economic impact of $50 billion, according to Moody’s Analytics, the Credit Times Union reported.

There are many technologies available to help companies recover, Reid told Business Insider. Instead of playing the guessing game of when and where an incident will strike, firms that have proper planning will be better off in the long run.