Digiforming and Cloud Management

Digiforming and Cloud Management

September 20

Terraforming is the hypothetical process of modifying a planet’s atmosphere, temperature, and ecology to make it similar enough to earth for humans or animals to survive. Network engineers and IT professionals build cable infrastructures, erect mountains of networked computers, and even utilize clouds, all to build a digital world in which businesses can survive. You could call this process Digiforming.

In our modern times, cloud providers have modified the virtual atmosphere to create clouds for our digital world. These clouds can hold our data and allow us new conveniences like software as a service (SaaS), infrastructure as a service (IaaS), and disaster recovery as a service (DRaaS). Businesses are adopting cloud services at a growing rate, but according to a recent Infoworld article, keeping track of all the clouds and cloud services might become a discouraging task for a humble digiformer.

Clouds provide many solutions for businesses, and the number of cloud services companies employ will continue to grow. As companies continue to adopt more cloud services, management of these services will likely evolve beyond a simple case to case management method.

Things like monitoring use, uptime, security, compliance with SLAs, and so forth become serious management tasks for digiformers, especially when a company utilizes many different cloud service providers.

Infoworld suggests adopting a management strategy first. Different businesses will have different requirements for their plan, but you must define the features your cloud service management strategy needs before continuing.

Second, pick a few technologies that can help meet the management objectives you defined in your strategy. There are a lot of tools available, both on-site and cloud-delivered. Take some time to decide how these new technologies can be implemented, and how they will function with legacy systems.

Lastly, look at scale. Your cloud-computing needs will likely expand as your business does, but more services mean more items to manage. You’ll probably want to prepare for any number of cloud services from any number of providers. Planning ahead now will allow you to do so.

As a digiformer, there are many things you need to do to allow your business to live in the virtual world, but with a stable plan, your business can evolve into a stable species.