Differences in disasters demand more flexible solutions

Differences in disasters demand more flexible solutions

October 20

No two businesses are alike, nor are any two disasters. For any business that has suffered one crisis, the next may not play out the same way, and as such any business continuity strategy needs to be ready for anything.

When considering backup and recovery software for disaster preparedness, a business needs to find a solution that not only meets operational needs, but protects the company from all possible emergencies. Power outages, thunderstorms, and a rodent infestation can all have the same end result for a business – data loss – and while eliminating the physical threats goes a long way to ensuring prevention of one crisis, there is no sure way to know when another is going to arise.

As such, a business needs to be ready for anything. By investing in a high-quality data backup software solution, a business will be safe no matter how data loss occurs, and be able to resume operations swiftly.

One way to ensure total protection is to envision various worst-case scenarios and plan for all of them. However, this can be time consuming and daunting, not to mention depressing. Another solution is to take one worst-case scenario, plan for it, and then apply that plan to a distinctly different disaster – a man-made power outage versus a hurricane, for instance. Does the same plan hold up? If not, then a different strategy needs to be developed that covers both potential situations.

This twofold system will allow a business to cover numerous types of disasters swiftly, ensuring that should the office flood, be torn apart by high-powered winds, or simply go offline due to loss of power or internet, disaster recovery can occur.