Demand for MSPs Focused On Disaster Recovery Grows

Demand for MSPs Focused On Disaster Recovery Grows

September 18

I hear it again and again. When it comes to disaster recovery, cloud computing, and IT security services, decision makers increasingly look to MSPs to handle their needs. In fact, Dan Berthiaume of MSPMentor recently claimed in his blog, MSPs get the call for Disaster Recovery, IT Security, that MSPs are the number one choice when it comes to providing hosted services in the areas of disaster recovery and IT security.  His claim is based off of recent survey results from global consulting firm, Bluewolf.

Agility and speed requirements, over cost concerns, are top motivating factors that drive these decision makers to consider “elastic workforces” to augment their staff.  Multisourced IT departments, such as those that utilize MSP services, appear to be growing.  32% of the respondents to the survey reported they will increase IT outsourcing investments and 48% will hire more contractors, rather than full-time staff, in the next 12-18 months.

MSPs looking to catch this wave of outsourcing should consider employing the toolbox of business continuity solutions StorageCraft makes available to fill business continuity needs.  Focused on the recovery, StorageCraft helps MSPs answer the call for agility and speed in the face of whatever disaster challenge their clients may face.  Take a look at the latest set of tools StorageCraft offers today.