Deal Registration: Save Up To 15% More On Backup Software

Deal Registration: Save Up To 15% More On Backup Software

StorageCraft revamped its Deal Registration program in April, adding further goodies for partners. We’re here to remind you the program is still available in the Partner Portal, and you can enter it by simply filling out a short form. The program has helped some of our partners get new and better deals. They were able to enter new markets and stay competitive by offering clients lower backup software prices.

Deal Registration Takes 5% Off The Price Starting At $1,500

With the Deal Registration program, partners can save up to an additional 15% margin on backup and disaster recovery solution prices.

  • Deals between $1,500 – $5,000 get additional 5 points off margin
  • Deals between $5,000 – $10,000 get additional 10 points off margin
  • Deals over $10,000 get additional 15 points off margin

The old program set the bar at $5,000 to qualify for a special price, but now you can get 5% off starting at just $1,500. To start taking advantage of the Deal Registration program, you can log into the partner portal, click “Deal Registration” in the top banner to fill out the form and we’ll get back to you shortly.

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“Our new Deal Registration program has been a game changer for our partners, allowing them to enter into new verticals, go after bigger deals, and be more competitive in the market”, said Jen Bodell, our Channel Marketing Manager.

StorageCraft Partner Network: The Basic Benefits

There’s a host of other reasons, aside from this enticing offer, to be part of the successful StorageCraft Partner Network. The backup and disaster recovery solution is available at best prices for partners. Along with free software keys (NFR licenses), partners also get a dedicated account manager, free training on the StorageCraft Academy and marketing resources at their disposal to guide them along the path to profitability.

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Webinar Registration: Be In The Loop About New Deals

We host our webinars on the first Wednesday of each month and we cover everything our partners need to know, from news, promotions, product benefits or improvements we make to the website or suite of backup and disaster recovery solution.

Watch out for our webinar hosted July 6th, at 2 p.m. EDT, on the ShadowProtect IT Edition.

Kimber Barton, Territory Account Manager at StorageCraft Technology Corp., will show a demo of the software, which is available at special price in the month of July. 

You can register for our webinars here.