Data value matters when it comes to data backup solutions

Data value matters when it comes to data backup solutions

August 29

For those with multiple cars, there is usually a system for things. The Porsche probably goes in the garage, while the Hyundai might get left on the street. Value dictates how much protection each vehicle receives. According to Ken Hess of ZDNet, it should be the same with backing up data.

Different data backup solutions are created for different situations. If data is highly valuable, Hess noted, it shouldn’t be left out in the street with a less-than-impressive backup option. In contrast, if some information is worth relatively little, it probably would not be worth it to use a top-of-the-line solution.

While the value of the data itself is of the utmost importance, there are other factors that should also be accounted for.

“It’s also the value of the loss of productivity at that remote site while waiting for someone to drive over a USB disk or heaven forbid, a tape or set of tapes for restore,” Hess wrote.

Instead, backup solutions should provide the best protection for whatever data it needs to store. It is hardly ever a one-size-fits-all proposition. Protecting the most important and valuable data is vital to ensuring business continuity and the integrity of the information.