Data recovery doesn’t have to be a long, arduous road

Data recovery doesn’t have to be a long, arduous road

July 6

When it comes to disaster recovery and backing up vital business data, some companies struggle to find a comfortable solution for their needs. However, this path need not be difficult or problematic. For any business, finding the right data backup and recovery solution can be as simple as looking to the cloud.

The key factors of any backup and recovery software solution are ease of use, flexible yet secure access, and adaptable storage needs. For most businesses, developing a tractable on-site or cloud-based server backup solution can cover these points and improve business continuity strategies. From law firms to retail operations, companies can keep their data safe and secure through any crisis.

According to CIO, one law firm recently discovered the versatility of cloud-based data backup and recovery for more than disaster recovery as well. Gaden Lawyers, in preparation for moving an office of over 300 employees, is utilizing its online backup solution get set up and running again quickly after the move.

“The challenge we had running our own disaster recovery site was that it became impossible to manage the increasing amount of gear we had in the Brisbane data center,” Owen Hile, IT director for Gadens Lawyers, told the news source.

Additionally, utilizing cloud computing for data storage, backup, and recovery allows the law firm to implement other technology policies more easily. According to the news source, the law firm has improved its mobile support since adopting the cloud, and may develop a bring-your-own-device strategy in the future, using the cloud backups as access points to data.