Data loss in any situation

Data loss in any situation

September 11

A recent study by Kroll Ontrack found that data loss can occur in any environment, whether in the cloud, virtual servers, or traditional machines.

According to IDG News Service, the survey shows that 49 percent of businesses experienced data loss in the last year, 55 percent from traditional storage devices, and 26 percent from virtual environments. However, this loss may occur primarily due to a lack of disaster recovery planning, not a flaw in storage solutions.

The study found that only 33 percent of organizations implement business continuity strategies and test them regularly to ensure reliability – a shockingly low number.

However, with the right approach and the right data backup software, a business can minimize its risk and enforce a high-quality disaster preparedness strategy that will minimize any data loss, for any reason. Be it a natural disaster or man-made issue such as hardware failure, data loss should never happen with well-tested and scheduled backups.

Whether operating in finance, construction, or any other vertical, a business relies on its data to successfully operate on a daily basis. By protecting mission-critical information, a company is not only ensuring long-term production and operation, but increasing its chances of profitability and minimizing the risks that it faces from disaster.