Data loss can affect revenue up to 1.6 percent, survey shows

Data loss can affect revenue up to 1.6 percent, survey shows

July 31

A new study by K logix found that data loss may begin to hit businesses harder than before. By 2018, the firm expects revenues in businesses that experience data loss to be affected by up to 1.6 percent.

According to K logix’s study, a business making about $1 billion a year can expect to lose up to $33 million annually by 2018 due to poor data security and a lack of disaster recovery planning. This risk can be mitigated, however, with data backup and recovery software.

Data backup software provides businesses with the tools they need to protect one of their most important resources from loss and other crises like natural disasters and power failure. Without backup and recovery tools, a business is putting not only its computer systems at risk, but private information regarding finances, employee data, and more. Without a way to recover lost data, any organization risks breaking compliance regulations as well – resulting in fines and more.

By investing in system backup software, a business can gain peace of mind that its resources are protected, and that it is ready to bounce back should disaster strike.