Data growth top concern for businesses

Data growth top concern for businesses

July 9

A recent survey by Computer Technology Review found the number of businesses concerned with rapid data growth’s effect on their data protection strategies grew by 25 percent from 2011 to 2012. With over 50 percent of respondents reporting data growth as one of their top concerns, it is important for them to look to improved backup and recovery software solutions to match their expanding data needs.

According to the study, more businesses are also reporting that they are failing to catch critical backup windows, experiencing system crashes before they have secured critical information, and losing costly data, even while expanding their data center solutions to match growing data rates. This losing battle increases strain on IT professionals, and presents business continuity risks by potentially halting operations as employees scramble to recover data.

There are, however, various ways to reduce the stress big data growth causes and get a handle on disaster recovery strategies. Data deduplication in particular can help businesses by making backup and recovery more efficient. Deduplication tools automatically organize data before backing it up and remove copies from the system, helping a company reduce the amount of data it is actually copying for later recovery and speeding up the overall process.

Additionally, improving data backup software with solutions that allow for automatic storage and processing can help a business meet critical backup windows and reduce the chance that its system will crash before data has been properly secured.

By using the right tools for the size of a business and its recovery needs based on time and capacity, a company can reduce the risks rapid data growth presents and remain better organized through any data-related crisis.