Discover Data Diamonds With Backup Analytics Technology

Discover Data Diamonds With Backup Analytics Technology

March 30

MSPs and other data management professionals often need to backup hundreds of terabytes of data on business workstations and laptops. We are creating data at incredible rates, so storage cost has become an issue. A technician or automated process will install backup software and then a very important question comes up: “What data on this computer is worth protecting”? The user’s answer is typically, “I need it all, everything on my computer is equally important to me.”

This is of course not true. The operating system files and internet cache files are not as important as spreadsheets or accounting information. Simply put, not all data is equal. With backup analytics technology from StorageCraft, you can discover data diamonds in the rough by setting data protection rules.

diamond graphic concept with machines

Backup Everything? Just Say ‘No’

The technician could decide to backup everything. But in many cases for end user machines, this is not feasible, scalable, nor sustainable. It also creates headaches when trying to restore. So what does he do? He does the best he can in a short amount of time but he knows his work is incomplete and the user is at risk. It’s difficult and time consuming to dig through the hundreds of thousands of files and folders on each computer. You would need to find everything important and make sure you mark it for backup. Even if he puts in a ton of effort and gets the initial setup correct, it might be hard to maintain. He has no idea what the user might add to the computer tomorrow, next month or next year.

StorageCraft’s Backup Analyzer solves these problems. Each customer is provided with a configuration template. This uses StorageCraft’s master rule sets containing hundreds of rules that define what data to back up and data to exclude.

Backup Analytics: Takes The ‘Ack!’ Out of Backup

The technology will combine hundreds of these rules and apply them to a set of files on a user’s computer. The Backup Analyzer will quickly separate the data into categories:

  • data to protect
  • data to exclude
  • “Unaddressed Files” category

Unaddressed files are the ones that were processed through all the rules and did not match anything. Using the Backup Analyzer, you can filter to find the most recently modified and largest files in the unaddressed file category. This type of filtering will discover the diamonds in rough, for example the underlying data file from an auto parts management application, saved in the “Program Data” folder.

Once discovered, an additional rule can be defined on the fly and the rule will apply automatically to the computer in the field. Boom! You’ve managed to find data you didn’t know needs backing up – without a lot of time and effort.

Take a Peek at the User’s Data Remotely

The Backup Analyzer is a web application. So all of this analysis and configuration updating happens without needing to interrupt the user or even require their computer to be on. Better yet, the additional rules can be applied to many or all computers under management in one step. StorageCraft will maintain its master rule sets as well so customers will benefit from updates without doing anything.

Be sure to take a demo of the File Backup & Recovery from StorageCraft. Give it a go, see how it works! It will make the backup process infinitely easier!