Data backups even a concern for CERN scientists

Data backups even a concern for CERN scientists

July 19

When it comes to data protection, even some of the smartest people in the world are concerned over their data backup and recovery solutions. EMC, a leader in data storage in the U.K. and Europe, told the Register that backup hard drives are the leading solution for data protection, although for massive data sets, like those generated by the scientists working with the Large Hadron Collider at CERN, would use other options, like tape.

Luckily most businesses don’t generate the 15 petabytes the Large Hadron does, so they can easily move away from antiquated storage solutions like tape, which today are only good for massive data sets and long-term storage. Hard drive options can meet the needs of most businesses, even those generating high data growth.

“We would still like all protected data to be on disk,” said William Jenkins, an executive at EMC. Last year, the company released a strong anti-tape message for businesses, according to the news source, encouraging them to move away from the less-than-adequate solution.

Using tape for everyday system backup software solutions forces a business to increase the time it takes to recover from data loss, and creates other problems as well, such as potential cost increases and more. While tape was lauded as a secure and reliable service in the past, today’s digital media options and the cloud are just as reliable, but faster and more cost-effective.

For any business looking for a cost-effective and efficient backup and recovery software solution, the cloud provides scalability and flexibility that tape and even hard drives can lack. As a business grows, it is best to provide the most protection possible. Consolidating data protection plans and putting faith in only one backup can be a mistake. Selecting a hybrid, two-fold disk and cloud solution can still be cost-effective and ensure that a business is never left without its data.