Data backups are a necessity, even in the cloud

Data backups are a necessity, even in the cloud

May 10

While some businesses utilize cloud storage for their data backup solutions, others use cloud services for their primary computing needs. This forward-looking technology provides a great number of benefits, such as flexibility and ease of access for remote workers. However, it does raise one important question – how does a cloud-based company meet backup and recovery needs? According to the Washington Post, in the opposite way of businesses not based in the cloud – with on-site backup hard drive systems.

With the proliferation of cloud options, many businesses are making the jump to virtualized computing. However, according to the news source, in order to survive in the cloud, a company needs to back up its data “on the ground,” or on disk. This can be especially pertinent for businesses using hosted cloud solutions. If the service is upgraded or undergoes drastic changes, a professional may become confused, unable to find his or her work, or worse, lose that work entirely.

According to the news source, this can be attributed to websites like Dropbox and Google “tinkering” with their interfaces or updating their services. A Google Docs user, for example, might log in one day to find the interface changes and renamed Google Drive – and not know where his or her spreadsheets or text documents are located anymore. But by being prepared for updates and taking advantage of the server backup opportunities, a business can not only avoid these types of issues, but barely even be slowed down by them.

Ultimately, a company must choose the best backup solution for its needs, based on the computing systems that it uses. If the business operates on cloud-based applications, storing data on physical servers may be a better option than a secondary cloud-choice, and vice versa.