Data backup within cloud lags behind other services

Data backup within cloud lags behind other services

December 11

While Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) is booming, a recent study by TechValidate found that only 22 percent of businesses are utilizing online backup solutions. However, about 75 percent of respondents to the study said they plan to expand their cloud services in the near future, potentially adding data backup solutions among other services.

The cloud provides a number of benefits for data backup software, including flexible access. However, many businesses are considering hybrid solutions, which include onsite backup hard drive access as well for faster recovery. According to Datamation, the majority of businesses are looking at hybrid solutions rather than pure cloud options for many tech needs, including data backup and recovery.

Whether a business chooses the cloud, onsite solutions, or a hybrid option for its disaster recovery needs, having a reliable and fast-acting strategy will save time and money should a crisis occur, and help a business commit to recovery and minimize downtime. Hybrid solutions are particularly beneficial, as they allow a company fast access to data, but also promote flexible access should hard drive backups be inaccessible, or the office have to go remote temporarily.