Data backup solution saves business continuity

Data backup solution saves business continuity

May 4

The Iranian Oil Ministry recently suffered an attack on its servers that forced it to take its systems offline, according to the Telegraph. However, the ministry says the damage was minimal thanks to server backup that ensured its business continuity plans were successfully carried out.

The Trojan was able to take the ministry’s websites offline and access data on some of its users. After a similar attack in 2010 – stemming from the now-infamous Stuxnet worm – an official from the organization, Hamdollah Nejad, told news agency Mehr that they’ve kept their operational servers disconnected from public access and regularly utilize backup hard drives to protect against disruptions. Nejad said the ministry had learned from the previous attack, which helped it prepare so well for the most recent Trojan. He said that server backup existed for all affected files.

The Telegraph also reported that the ministry set up a team to deal with any possible fallout from the attacks, but that the Iranian government is downplaying the attack. There have been no reported changes in oil production or exporting due to the hack, and the country still says the ministry went offline voluntarily and not due to a forced outage.