Data backup now important for mobile devices too

Data backup now important for mobile devices too

April 4

Emerging technology has led to dramatic changes among the data backup and recovery needs of many businesses during the past several years. Mobility is among the most significant of these trends, as employees now enjoy nearly unfettered access to the network and enterprise data at all times.

As a result, employee devices may be storing pertinent information, which makes it critical to have it protected, according to USA Today.

“We encourage everyone to take time to make sure all of your data is backed up, whether you’re the IT manager for a large international company or a grandparent enjoying your first photos of a new baby grandchild,” the report stated.

These days, the newspaper reported, companies need to ensure that data backup solutions and strategies can keep up in an increasingly mobile environment. Mobile devices are now just as important as employees’ desktops and should be treated in such a way.

BlackBerry users recently learned first-hand the importance of backing up mobile data. When the network powering the smartphones went down last fall, many users found themselves cut off from important emails, files and other documents because they had no contingency plans in place.