Data backup a must for small businesses

Data backup a must for small businesses

July 20

While data backup may seem like a hassle, it is a crucial aspect of running a business. Even smaller companies have to invest in data backup software, or risk losing everything should a disaster occur.

According to Business 2 Community, meeting backup needs for a small business may seem challenging, but it is actually quite simple when approached properly. Many businesses run a dedicated computer on their network for data storage, but consumer PCs are not designed to handle backup and recovery needs, and constantly running them can create problems, such as memory dumps, overheating, and more, increasing the risk of data loss.

Businesses have to explore adequate backup and recovery software solutions in order to overcome any potential problems. Cloud storage, dedicated servers, and other solutions can simplify the process while better protecting data. A raid-configured backup hard drive system can keep data safe by replicating it over a network of storage devices rather than a single drive, or a business can invest in an automated cloud disaster recovery plan.

Ultimately, investing in a more reliable backup solution will save any business, big or small, time and money on its data protection, and prepare it for any potential crisis down the road.

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    This to me seems to be a big area small businesses drop the ball. The number of SME’s I’ve dealt with that either have no backup at all or one that is malfunctioning is huge. I’ve used storagecraft based products to provide simple, easy backup solutions to SME’s. Their image based backup allows the portability of the backup and easier restores when they really need it.