Cybercrime Wars: Costs for 2016 Infographic

Cybercrime Wars: Costs for 2016 Infographic

January 25

Cybercrime costs were on the rise in 2016, show statistics. Cyberattacks caused over 22% of all data center outages, and the total cost of ransomware in itself could be around the $1 billion mark for last year. We’ve put together an infographic that shows exactly how expensive poor security and poor planning are, and how they can hurt businesses. Moreover, data shows a business continuity plan can improve recovery rates by as much as 17%!

Studies have shown that the average cost of a data center outage is over $740,000. Just one minute of unplanned downtime costs, on average, $926. With that kind of price tag, you would think IT departments around the world have some fail safe systems against downtime.

But no. Data shows that 53% of IT administrators don’t back up data on a daily basis. Moreover, 32% report that they do not test their backups on a regular basis. Most of the time, they will state that  conducting frequent backups was either unnecessary, or unwarranted based on the amount of data in their possession. One out of ten IT pros states ‘they have too much data’ to backup on a daily basis.

StorageCraft, in the Front Lines of the CyberCrime Wars

Too much data and inefficient backup processes are not impossible problems to resolve. StorageCraft Technology Corp. has recently joined forces with converged storage provider Exablox to eat the downtime dragon for dinner.

By combining fail-safe backup software with a high-class converged storage appliance, they are positioning themselves in the front lines of the cybercrime wars, looking to keep business data safe and sound. They understand that simplicity and reliability are the key to a well-designed backup solution.

Go ahead, ask for a demo of the StorageCraft ShadowProtect Solution!  You won’t ever want to skip on a backup again!


Cybercrime costs on the rise in 2016 StorageCraft infographic


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