Cyber-Security — Differences Between the Enterprise and the SMB

Cyber-Security — Differences Between the Enterprise and the SMB

November 4

Information and general cyber-security are becoming more and more important for businesses, especially in this era of BYOD and Cloud Computing. It is now possible for employees to have 24-7 access to corporate data assets from a mobile device anywhere in the world. With small to medium sized companies now able to leverage enterprise-level information technology through the use of Cloud-based SaaS, IaaS, and PaaS offerings, are their approaches to information security any different than their larger enterprise brothers?

Similar Security Needs but Different Budgets

Enterprises and SMBs generally share similar security needs, with the risk of data exposure being commensurate with the type of work performed by the business. For instance, HIPPA considerations place a large onus on patient data security at a small health clinic compared to a large enterprise involved with managing some form of less critical data. So, sometimes the size of the company doesn’t matter as much as the desired security level for the data.

The same types of security risks impact businesses whatever their size. Enterprises bring a larger scale to the equation, but hacking, email phishing, and mobile malware don’t discriminate based on the number of employees or the size of the IT budget. In fact, watering hole attacks leverage a security hole at a smaller business to potentially attack a larger target.

One big advantages larger companies have over SMBs when it comes to security is more discretionary income to invest in cyber-security solutions. This especially helps when those same enterprises host their own on-premise data center and they hold the entire responsibility for securing their IT operations. In these cases, tighter information security standards as well as IT personnel and equipment directly responsible for enforcing those standard definitely apply.

The Cloud is Making the Cyber-Security Difference Blur

Many SMBs are beginning to leverage a variety of Cloud-based services to manage many areas of their information technology, including security. In fact, “enterprise-like” cyber-security offerings are a big advertising point to many PaaS, IaaS, and SaaS providers. With a relatively limited budget compared to the enterprise, it remains vital for the smaller business to get these decisions correct the first time. There isn’t money to waste!

IT security providers are beginning to target the SMB market with their enterprise-level solutions, albeit with reduced functionality and a reduced price. The smaller business needs to ensure that whatever security solution they choose, it doesn’t adversely impact day-to-day business operations. Having employees able to work from anywhere can be a boon for operational efficiency, so choose a security solution that provides protection while staying out of the way.

As the information security considerations for the enterprise and the smaller business continue to blur, it remains vital for the SMB to research the available options and invest wisely. Remember, hackers and malware don’t discriminate based on company size!

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