Cost-benefit analysis needed for disaster recovery plans

Cost-benefit analysis needed for disaster recovery plans

April 11

Recent events – including natural disasters and widespread cyberattacks – have made it clear that every organization is in need of a disaster recovery strategy and solution. However, as a recent Wisegate whitepaper pointed out, it’s imperative that organizations weigh the costs and benefits of these process to ensure they are as effective as possible.

The report, Disaster Recovery Planning: IT Peers Discuss Making Trade-offs and Getting Buy-in, provides tips on how an organization can best go about instilling a disaster recovery plan.

“In order to protect data from a disaster or cyberattack, organizations should develop a disaster recovery plan based on a cost-benefit analysis of the value of the data versus the cost of maintaining backup facilities,” the report encouraged.

The damaging effects of network downtime are now too great for companies to ignore. Without access to data, operations grind to a halt and the organization can be knocked off track, sometimes for good. However, having an appropriate plan and solution in place will ensure that information can be recovered and restored as quickly as possible.

A recent Data Center Journal report also highlighted the need for disaster recovery programs, and noted that strategies should align with business needs.