Continuum Releases Monitoring for ShadowProtect

Continuum Releases Monitoring for ShadowProtect

September 18

Continuum has added a ShadowProtect monitoring service to Continuum RMM. With this monitoring service, a ShadowProtect agent on a machine being managed by Continuum displays a status overview of ShadowProtect backup jobs on both the Dashboard and Quick Access page of Continuum.




More extensive monitoring and email-based alerting can be implemented through Continuum RMM’s “Partner Defined Alert” mechanism which monitors event logs of 3rd party software including ShadowProtect event log files. This “roll your own”  option includes a wizard and is very flexible for implementing alerts of ShadowProtect events. See a Continuum Tech Tip on Partner Defined Alerts.

With Continuum’s native ShadowProtect monitoring service along with their Partner Defined Alert mechanism, everything from a high-level overview to in depth monitoring is possible.