Compliance Training Resources for MSPs

Compliance Training Resources for MSPs

December 27

Looking to add another potent revenue driver to your portfolio? Look no further than CaaS. No, it’s not the latest cloud computing offering. I’m talking about Compliance-as-a-Service – a potential goldmine for managed service providers. Becoming a resource customers can look to for help in meeting rigid industry regulations comes with numerous advantages. Not only does it offer a way to attract new clients and boost profits, it will give you a considerable edge over competitors still peddling the same basic managed services. So here’s our full, comprehensive guide for compliance training.


Of course the big selling point is what you can do for your customers, and when it comes to perks, this one shells out plenty. MSPs can pass along benefits such as the ability to:

  • Identify and evaluate compliance-related risks
  • Manage risks by implementing, testing, and validating controls
  • Make sure to document policies and enforce them
  • Devise strategies for control issues and audit findings that might jeopardize compliance
  • Use reporting data and sustained compliance to improve operational efficiency

Meeting compliance is a multi-layered process. Organizations need to draw up policies and procedures, educate and train staff, enforce security standards and much more. In order to lend an expert hand, service providers must know the ABCs of satisfying compliance in industries abroad. We’ve assembled a list of training resources to help MSPs find their footing.

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Healthcare The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) provides guidance, educational resources, training programs and expert opinions on healthcare compliance. Can be somewhat difficult to navigate, but this site is huge with valuable information spread across numerous sections.

Legislation: HIPAA, Affordable Care Act, HITECH Act

Healthcare Corporate Compliance: Contains up to date information on hospital compliance, HIPAA, and general health law. Resources are available in the form of online articles, white papers, CD-roms and newsletters.

Legislation: HIPAA, False Claims Act, The Stark Law, The Anti-Kickback Statute

HCCA: Formed in 1996, the Health Care Compliance Association is a member-based group dedicated to providing resources such as training, certifications, and educational tools. The 10,000-plus member network is comprised of hospitals, clinics, and technology service providers.

Legislation: HIPAA, ARRA, COBRA

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government building USA

Government The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) is a government entity that creates standards all organizations must comply with regardless of size or industry. Here you can find pages of information on competition, advertising, financial practices and other areas of compliance. The official FTC website is one of the best places to turn for training resources.

Legislation: Franchise Rule, COPPA, FCRA, Improper Payments Elimination and Recovery Act, ECOA

Redstone Government Consulting: Provides live seminars, webinars, and customized training programs to government contractors. Redstone Government Consulting focuses on delivering educational resources that help contractors small and large alike create and maintain government compliance.

Legislation: DCAA, DFARS, FLSA

GovInfoSecurity: A property of Information Security Media Group, GovInfoSecurity consistently provides fresh content with government IT leaders in mind. The site offers convenient access to daily news stories, interviews, industry research, webinars, and a wealth of premium content. You can use this to create effective cyber security strategies built around the most stringent standards.

Legislation: FISMA, FICAM, FFIEC

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Courtroom detail with a gavel and scales of justice in the background


Legal Compliance Resource: Provides access to seminars, live and on-demand webinars, books, and online documentation. Ideal for those seeking legal training resources. A property of Lorman Business Center, the aptly named Legal Compliance Resource features a balanced mix of premium and free content for both members and visitors.


Rapid Learning Institute: Provides a plethora of resources for those interested in the area of employment law. Training videos, webinars, how-to guides, and an automated training system make up a diverse pallet of free and premium resources that help put compliance in easier reach.

Legislation: CAN-SPAM

DuetsBlog: A content-rich blog that uses a host of real-world examples from expert guest bloggers to teach the finer aspects of legal concepts. It covers categories that range from contracts and copyrights to lawsuits and patents. DuetsBlog proves that you can’t always judge a website by its archaic design.

Legislation: DMCA, MPAA, RIAA



FINRA: Authorized by Congress, the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority is an independent, non-profit organization that takes it upon itself to see that brokers operate with honesty and integrity. FINRA maintains a massive online portal featuring a collection of podcasts, webinars, online learning courses and more on financial regulations.

Legislation: FINRA Rules, SEC Rules and Regulations This is the world’s first large-scale compliance portal. The website targets global compliance across multiple sectors, including the banking and financial services industry. MSPs have access to white papers, compliance Q&A’s, webinars, mobile learning tools, and even corporate training programs that can be delivered online or onsite.



Consumer Finance Protection Bureau: This is a U.S. government website. It’s perfect for financial institutions, service providers, and all those interested in consumer financial protection regulations. The content here could stand some better grouping and organization. But between all the guides, market data, and educational resources, the patient researcher will find plenty of useful information.

Legislation: FCRA, RESPA, HDMA, SAFE Act, ECOA


Many open books lying flat before a blue background with various formulas and letters.


U.S. Department of Education: Due to the federal government’s limited role in education, this site recommends state-level resources for most compliance training needs. However, you can still find plenty of information on the regulatory aspects of civil rights in education and laws such as the Higher Education Act here.

Legislation: ESSA, FERPA, ADA, IDEA, IEP

NACUA: The National Association of College and University Attorneys (NACUA) plays an active role in educating legal professionals and administrators on the federal, state, and local regulations that govern campuses across the nation. Compliance resources include interactive workshops, online courses, and a massive library of member content indexed by topic.

Legislation: Clery Act, VAWA, FERPA, FMLA

Higher Education Compliance Alliance: Formed by the NACUA, the Alliance provides centralized resources for the education field. You can search the repository by topics such as financial aid and IT. You can also check out one of the many available compliance programs.

Legislation: ADA, Clery, Higher Education Opportunity Act, FICA, TEACH ACT

NGO (Non-Governmental Organization) sign on colorful wooden cube


National Council of Nonprofits: As the largest non-profit network in the nation, the National Council of Nonprofits is dedicated to helping America’s non-profit organizations flourish in their respective local communities. This site provides convenient access to a plethora of tools and resources that teach the best practices of nonprofit compliance.

Legislation: FLSA, FCRA, Fundraising compliance (regulated at state level)

GuideStar: GuideStar is a great resource for non-profits and the people who support them. Interested parties can browse this so-called non-profit search engine for data on the mission agendas, finances, and legitimacy of various charities. Non-profit organizations can also use it as an educational tool to learn the finer aspects of transparency, governance, and compliance.

Legislation: SOX, Form 990, Fundraising compliance (regulated at state level)

Foundation Group: Founded in 1995, the Foundation Group was established with the goal of helping not for profit organizations tackle potential tax issues with the IRS. This resource is especially valuable to those who need guidance on Form 990 and its many variations.

Legislation: Form 990

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HFTP: Hospitality Financial and Technology Professionals is an award-winning association that helps non-profit organizations worldwide navigate the hospitality space by providing access to an assortment of industry data, conferences, and certification programs. HFTP’s hospitality-friendly search engine Pineapple Search is a great way to get familiar with the various compliance standards that affect industry practitioners.

Legislation: PCI-DSS, ADA, OFAC, DDA, GDPR


Hospitality Lawyer: Here you’ll find a site that combines the ability to find representation for legal needs with vendor solutions, expert insights, and learning tools. Hospitality Lawyer is a global network of legal professionals that covers the hospitality vertical from compliance to risk management and beyond.

Legislation: FLSA, Real ID Act, OSHA, PCI-DSS, ADA


Sirvo: On the surface, Sirvo is just another service that connects employers in the hospitality industry with talented job seekers. Beneath the veil lies a content-rich platform that makes for a handy compliance training resource. The Sirvo blog is the place to go to read up on the rules, regulations, and legal issues that pertain to this sector.

Legislation: Fair Labor Standards Act, Employee Polygraph Protection Act

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Food and Beverage

FDA: The FDA is a government agency tasked with protecting the health of the American public by assuring the safety, security, and efficiency of consumable goods in numerous industries, including the food and beverage sector. The agency also offers a number of resources to help companies meet the rigid set of regulatory guidelines.

Legislation: FSMA, FD&C Act, CGMP

MasterControl: Founded in 1993, MasterControl delivers industry-specific document control solutions to help simplify compliance for regulated companies. Due to its close working relationship with the FDA, the firm is a valuable tool for companies in the food and beverage industry. They provide access to comprehensive business management software, whitepapers, or video content. These guys offer what is hands down one of the best compliance training resources available.

Legislation: FSMA, EU GMP, ISO 22000

Small Business Community Association: The Small Business Community Association is focused on helping the little guys get off the ground, grow, and take business to the next level. Included in that mission is connecting site browsers with a host of compliance resources in the form of training programs, business management courses, and exclusive member-based content.

Legislation: Federal Alcohol Administration Act, COLA

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EPA: The Environmental Protection Agency protects the health of the American public by enforcing rules and regulations passed down by Congress. The EPA website is loaded with compliance resources designed to help organizations navigate the many standards it manages.


OSHA: Safety is the biggest concern in the construction industry and the premise of OSHA legislation. The OSHA arm of the U.S. Department of Labor is one of the best places to turn for compliance guidance. A one-stop-shop for videos, online tools, and interactive of training programs that come directly from the source.

Legislation: OSHA

Construction Industry Compliance Assistance (CICA): These guys aim to simplify the head-scratching regulations and jargon that surrounds the construction industry. The site is a breeze to navigate with easily accessible compliance tools and pages of information on numerous construction categories.

Legislation: CAA, CWA, RCRA, SDWA


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Assembling Your Own Compliance Training Program

Having resources at your disposal is great, but MSPs can strengthen their compliance offerings by customizing their very own training program. What should that program entail? I’ll leave you with these tips:

  • Target the right industries: Whether it’s healthcare, PCI-DSS, financial services or a combination of the three, tackle the compliance standards that best match your staff expertise and audience needs.
  • Choosing your training methods wisely: This post gave you a gamut of options. But not all compliance training methods are suited for all service providers. A healthy of blend of formal (live or online training courses) and informal methods (engaging in community discussions or studying success stories) may be just what the doctor ordered.
  • Create accountability: Your clients designate personnel to oversee their compliance initiatives. Your program should be headed by someone who can create, review, approve, and deliver training content.
  • Measure your results: You will need to set goals for your training program. You can then identify metrics and tools that will make it possible to effectively measure those goals.