Compliance is key to data protection

Compliance is key to data protection

June 20

More businesses are seeing their data grow and become more valuable. As such, the roles of compliance management and business continuity are becoming of vital importance. According to TechTarget, data is becoming a commodity in its own right for many companies. It can be bought and sold like any product – and stolen as well. In order to properly manage and protect its data, a business has to invest in adequate backup and recovery software.

Whether related to clients, finances, or internal information, data is important, and it is a business’ responsibility to ensure that data is properly backed up, stored, protected, and compliant with regulatory guidelines. According to the news source, 71 percent of businesses have an in-house compliance committee for identifying risks and solutions for data management. One expert, Barbara Kipp of PricewaterhouseCoopers, compared the role of a compliance officer to that of a primary care physician.

Ultimately, a business can reduce the risk of losing data, or having it fall into the wrong hands, through proper file storage and backup. By investing in disaster recovery software, a company can manage its risk and reap the benefits of having knowing its information is safe.