Companies without data backup may be swept away

Companies without data backup may be swept away

August 31

Hurricane season is not just considered a time of dangerous storms; it also reiterates the need for effective data backup options. With solutions like cloud computing in place, businesses can rest easy knowing that important information is out of harm’s way, but some companies still practice ineffective approaches when it comes to protecting data.

Technorati’s Kirill Bensonoff recently asserted that organizations need to have proper disaster recovery protocol in place during hurricane season. With cloud backup systems in place, companies can know they are prepared for any situation.

“It can also offer other advantages, like access to all your information when you’re away from the office,” Bensonoff wrote. “That means that, whether a flood sweeps your server away or an ice storm keeps your employees stuck at home, work can continue without missing a beat.”

In addition to defending against powerful storms, cloud computing makes sure that mission-critical data is safe regardless of the incident. For example, thieves may get their hands on external hard drives at a company’s office, but these malicious parties cannot reach information in the cloud.