Companies should prepare for tablet boom

Companies should prepare for tablet boom

April 20

The enterprise sector is expected to serve as a driving force behind the continued growth of the tablet computer market, according to new research from Gartner. That means the time has come for companies to prepare for the prospect of employees accessing and storing enterprise data on their devices.

According to the research firm, 35 percent of all tablet purchases will be made by businesses in 2015. That will account for a high number, considering Gartner also expects 118.9 million tablets will be sold worldwide in 2012. That’s 98 percent more than the 60 million that were shipped last year.

With mobility programs expanding, backup and recovery software is one thing that companies should be thinking about.

Solutions are needed to ensure that the data employees utilize on their tablets and other devices is afforded the same protection as the information accessed by desktop computers. That means it should be backed up and easily accessible in the event that a device is lost, stolen, or corrupted, which could cut the company off from its data.

With the proper disaster recovery solution in place, an organization will be able to restore data as quickly as possible to maintain operations.