Companies reveal ‘big data’ plans

Companies reveal ‘big data’ plans

June 21

According to TechTarget, more companies are focusing on managing “big data” and what that means to them. Big data, or the rapid growth of business-related data, is a growing concern not just in information management, but for IT departments as well. Storing, protecting, backing up, and providing access to big data can be a major problem for some companies, especially smaller ones that do not have the staff to control surges in information.

TechTarget cited two surveys that demonstrate the growing concern over big data and some businesses’ plans to invest more into the management of it. According to the Economist Intelligence Unit, two-thirds of surveyed businesses in North America said big data will become a concern for them within the next five years, while 58 percent of respondents expect their companies to increase spending on server backup solutions and other big data-related initiatives within the next three years.

Providing a way to organize, back up, and recover vast amounts of data can be harrowing. However, with backup and recovery software, a business can at least begin to manage its data effectively while keeping costs low. Additionally, by getting a handle on big data problems, the business can become better at managing its other, more slowly created data as well.

“Big data is really about more than just sheer volumes,” said Scott Schlesinger, vice president and head of business information management at Capgemini U.S., a systems integration consulting firm and sponsor of the Economist Intelligence Unit survey. “It’s really the complexity of the data that organizations are trying to get their arms around to make informed, forward-looking decisions.”

Another major aspect of successful data management is ensuring that all employees, not just IT professionals, are versed in its importance and know how data backup software works. The news source cited another survey by Avanade, which found that more companies are involving all workers in data-related decisions, rather than only the IT teams and business leaders. According to the survey, 58 percent of businesses recognize that data management is embedded in every aspect of the company, and as such, all employees should have a voice in it.

Data backup, recovery, and overall protection is something that every business needs to not only take seriously, but ensure that it has a firm grasp on before disaster strikes. Without proper disaster recovery strategies in place, data could be scrambled, become disorganized, or at worst, lost. Big data increases these concerns by volume and complexity and simply enforces the need for proper data management.