Companies need backups for mobile devices

Companies need backups for mobile devices

April 16

The use of mobile devices among professionals has spiked during the past several years. As a result, the IT department and business decision-makers must ensure that appropriate backup and recovery software has been deployed to protect the data accessed by and stored on smartphones and tablets.

“Mobile devices often contain large amounts of critical data and applications as users employ them for computing activities,” a recent Data Center Journal report stated. “Regularly creating and maintaining encrypted backups of these devices is important to enable resiliency if a device ever malfunctions, is lost, or is replaced.”

Adding a layer of encryption and implementing password protection for backed up mobile data is key, the report stated. With both, an organization can rest assured that the “confidentiality and integrity” of data will be upheld, even if a user is not in direct contact with it.

A recent report from USA Today also highlighted the importance of mobile data backup solutions. All users, whether they are protecting sales data or family photos, need to back up mobile devices, the news provider said.