Companies must retain control of online backup strategies

Companies must retain control of online backup strategies

April 21

Cloud computing has demonstrated many capabilities for a variety of enterprise services. Availability is one of the more popular benefits, as the cloud can provide more robust technology to new areas of a business.

However, according to a recent CIO magazine report, that same benefit can also present challenges for companies when it comes to their online backup strategies.

The cloud, the report said, “democratizes” backup. That’s because some employees may take it upon themselves to leverage a service to protect their data apart from what the company is offering. This consumerization can degrade the control organizations have over their information and leave them more vulnerable than ever.

“[T]he disruption is causing confusion, often giving companies a false sense of security and luring them into bad decisions,” the report said.

To combat this trend, a company can either develop strict online backup usage policies, or deploy a program that utilizes both cloud and traditional technologies. The cloud can be used for information that is critical to individual employees, while the on-premise methods can handle more sensitive information that the company needs to have better control over.