Companies must ‘disaster-proof’ data, report says

Companies must ‘disaster-proof’ data, report says

April 20

Suffering data loss or a breach can be an incredibly damaging incident for any organization, but the implications can be even more severe for small and medium-sized businesses. As a result, a recent CRN report noted, SMBs must take every precaution to protect and back up their information.

The news provider offered several tips that small business IT decision-makers can follow. Among them is the need to “disaster-proof” data.

“The past couple of years have shown us that natural disasters – hurricanes, earthquakes, floods, and storms – can wreak havoc on businesses if data is not properly secured. So what is the best way to protect data from the elements? Backing up to a remote, off-site data center,” the report said.

With online backup, companies are not only provided with near-limitless storage space, but they can also rest assured that information is completely protected.

Still, there are several considerations that companies will want to take into account when shifting to the cloud for backup and recovery. For one, according to ITworld, companies must be sure they retain control over the program when utilizing cloud-based disaster recovery.