Companies may not be prepared for network outages

Companies may not be prepared for network outages

April 21

Reducing the time needed to restore data and all systems to operational status following an IT disaster – whether caused by a power outage, natural disaster, or man-made incident – is a key area of any company’s recovery efforts. Unfortunately, not all may be seeing it this way, according to research by Continuity Software.

The provider of system monitoring solutions reported that interviews with 134 IT professionals revealed that 84 percent acknowledged they know their organizations do not have an effective disaster recovery program in place. Another 64 percent admitted to not having confidence in their disaster recovery testing practices.

Furthermore, 27 percent of respondents said they did not meet their service availability goals last year, which ranged from 99.7 percent uptime up to more than 99.9 percent uptime.

The results of this research demonstrate the need for companies to place more of an emphasis on backup and recovery software. The cost of downtime has become too great for an organization to be cut off from its data for more than a few hours each year.