Companies can create effective recovery, continuity plans in 2013

Companies can create effective recovery, continuity plans in 2013

January 3

As 2012 draws to a close and 2013 begins, businesses without disaster recovery options may continue to experience significant downtime if a man-made or natural disaster strikes. In an interview with TechTarget, auditor and independent consultant Paul Kirvan highlighted the importance of an effective recovery and business continuity plan.

Kirvan told the news source that organizations should always maintain updated internal and external lists in caseĀ  a disruption takes place. Businesses must also test their recovery and continuity procedures and document these initiatives.

Companies looking for the most effective disaster recovery options may want to consider cloud computing. Kirvan explained the immense benefits of hosted environments in terms of recovery and continuity efforts.

“Cloud-based business continuity and disaster recovery solutions currently provide additional data processing and storage options so business operations can resume and critical data can be quickly recovered following an incident,” Kirvan told TechTarget.

The cloud is also ideal because it helps firms improve their data storage and processing capabilities so operations remain intact during a disruption, Kirvan told the news source.

Cloud-based disaster recovery is expected to undergo significant advancements in 2013, according to Forrester Research’s James Staten. Beginning next year, the cloud’s pay-as-you-use service model will make it easier for businesses to transition from on-site recovery and continuity systems. Staten also explained that the cloud is also more effective than these options because it helps companies recover faster.

Cloud computing may still be a maturing technology, but its impact has been felt for some time. Disaster recovery is one of the many advantages of hosted environments. Companies that have neglected such protection to this point should strongly reconsider this stance as the new year begins.