Companies Balance Cloud’s Benefits, Concerns

Companies Balance Cloud’s Benefits, Concerns

April 11

The popularity of cloud computing is unquestioned. However, many organizations still harbor concerns about losing control of the data they store in hosted environments. It’s up to decision-makers to look into the matter and decide what’s the best use case for their companies.

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Data Backup can Benefit from Cloud Deployment

ZDNet published the latest HP Expert Chat with expert Glenn West, who approached the subject of cloud computing. West said there are areas that can benefit from a company deploying the cloud. Among those he identified as good for public cloud services was data backup.

“Things like backup ability, interoperability and standards, and security are additional things that we need to look at as we move into public cloud services and the hybrid model,” West told SYS-CON Media.

With online backup, companies can store copies of critical information off site. This will protect the data against any issues suffered by the enterprise network or the office itself, experts say.

Small business is one segment that could greatly benefit from focusing on cloud computing as a backup strategy. Unfortunately, few SMBs take the initiative in backing up and protecting information, showed a survey from fall 2011, according to Infosec Island.