Common backup mistakes can cause even more problems

Common backup mistakes can cause even more problems

May 23

Data backup and recovery solutions are important on the consumer and business level. However, it is important that anyone ensures that their plan is both reliable and problem-free, or risk their business continuity in the same ways as not having any disaster recovery system in place.

According to one leading storage company, many users make the common mistake of not using a separate backup hard drive for their storage needs. Additionally, not backing up data to a reliable device, such as the cloud or a secure server, can also create liability for  business. Other types of storage, like tape are less reliable and hard to alter, and many businesses backup their data for immediate use, whereas tape is only useful for long term storage options, not frequent overwriting.

According to IT Business Edge, there are a number of steps that a business can take to ensure that their data backup solution is both secure and reliable, including knowing what level of data loss is tolerable. If a power loss or server crash occurs, some loss of data is inevitable. It is up to a company to determine what amount that it can deal with, and organize its backup and disaster recovery plan off of that. Additionally, a business must ensure that whatever solution it chooses for backup will be easily accessible should a disaster occur, especially if systems are inaccessible for a long duration.

Data backup and recovery can pose significant problems for a business unless approached carefully and with a full understanding of what these processes require from the company, like knowing the acceptable amount of data loss and how quickly the business needs to be able to access backups.