Commitment: Part 1

Commitment: Part 1

December 17

I have been thinking a lot about the process of committing to something, then following-up and following-through with that commitment.  What spawned this heightened thought of commitment is the lack of commitment and follow-through from others.

The other night a church group and I put together a program that was designed to highlight some young women and their accomplishments.

The teens were to present to their parents in a program that is similar to a science fair you have in elementary school.

The leaders and I put in a ton of work to make this program a night to remember.  We did a totally awesome jungle theme that focused on preparing for the “Jungle of Life.” Unfortunately, the level of commitment and follow-through by these teens was less than ideal.  When a person fails to follow-through they are not only letting themselves down, they are letting others down.  I left that evening feeling a bit defeated because I expected these girls to take responsibility and follow-through.  Only about half of them did.  Which in my book, isn’t great.

There are two things that stood out the most to me and have caused much concern.

First is the concept of the “three Rs” that a co-worker mentioned to me the other day.  She told me to ask her children what the “three Rs” are. They explained that they are; respect for yourself, respect for others, and responsibility for your actions. A person that chooses not to follow-through with commitments, or a person that never commits, doesn’t show much respect for themselves or those around them.

Second is that although one of the girls participating in this program did a great job on her project,  not a single person in her family showed up to support her– which was very disheartening.  Talk about lack of commitment!

I know that I have ranted for a bit on this but “Come on People.”  At some point we as a society will have to get back to focusing on the important things.  Of course, we can debate about what important means and that it is situational,  however, there are some core things in life that are always important like the “three Rs.”

I am going to follow-up this blog up with one or two more posts that expands upon this concept.  The next post will discuss more in depth goal setting.  I figured since the New Year is just around the corner, it may be good to take a refresher course on what the secret of “SMART” goals are.

If there is nothing else you get from this article, I hope that you get that being a person that can stick to his or her word is probably, in my opinion, one of the best attributes you can have.